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Directors and Organizational Leadership

The Office of the Director and Deputy Director is meant to provide the vision, direction, and leadership for the agency. Under their guidance, the agency establishes its core values, policy, and procedures to be implemented throughout its 94 districts.

Leadership also sets the goals and oversees the operations, activities, and performance of the U.S. Marshals Service in its entirety.

  • Robert E. Clark


    Robert Clark

    One of the West's most colorful and widely known early law enforcement officers, Clark later served with distinction as the United States Marshal for the Southern District of California from 1933 until 1948.

  • Wayne Colburn


    Face photo of Wayne Colburn
    Wayne Colburn had a total of 34 years in the field of law enforcement, and served as Director of the United States Marshals Service from January 1970 to May 1976.

  • William Daily


    US Marshals Seal

    Daily was born in Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1828. According to Wilks, his first school was a log house with a mud-and-stuck chimney and a huge fireplace.

  • Peter Duplessis


    Engraving of Governor William C.C. Clabane
    The fourth U.S. marshal for the Territory of Orleans, Peter LeBreton Duplessis, played an important role in the defense and development of a still young United States.

  • Clement Biddle


    Clement Biddle

    The First Marshal of Pennsylvania Clement Biddle was born into a prosperous Philadelphia family on May 10, 1740. Prior to the Revolution, he worked as a partner in his father John's shipping and importing business.

  • Phillip Bradley


    Photo of US Marshals Seal

    Phillip Bradley lived his entire life in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Born in that town on March 26, 1738, Bradley graduated from Yale with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1758.

  • Edward Carrington


    Edward Carrington

    The First Marshal of Virginia Edward Carrington was born Feb. 11, 1748, in Cumberland County, Va. In addition to the practice of law, Carrington managed a plantation and ran his family's estate.

  • Henry Dearborn


    Henry Dearborn

    Among the first generation of United States Marshals, Henry Dearborn clearly stands out as the most prominent. Born in Hampton, New Jersey, on February 23, 1751, Dearborn studied medicine until the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

  • Robert Forsyth


    Robert Forsyth

    The First Marshal of Georgia Robert Forsyth was born in Scotland in 1754. As a teenager, he moved to this country with his family, where they fist settled in New England before moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1774.

  • Isaac Huger


    Isaac Huger

    Isaac Huger was born March 19, 1742, on the Santee River in South Carolina. His father was one of the richest men in that part of the colony and Huger grew up on a large plantation.

  • Jonathan Jackson


    Jonathan Jackson

    Born on June 4, 1743, in Boston, Jackson played a prominent role in Massachusetts history before and after the American Revolution.

  • Thomas Lowry


    Thomas Lowry
    Born in Ireland on September 3, 1737 Thomas Lowry came to this country a the age of 10 with his family. They settled in New Jersey, where Lowry spent the rest of his life.

  • Samuel McDowell


    Samuel McDowell

    At the age of 17, Samuel McDowell, Jr., ran away from his birthplace in Rockbridge, Va., to enlist in the army commanded by General Lafayette.

  • Allan McLane


    Allan McLane

    Allan McLane did not want to be a United States Marshal. Having suffered financially during the Revolution, McLane sought a better paying position in the new government.

  • Lewis R. Morris


    Lewis Morris

    Born on November 2, 1760, Lewis R. Morris received a common school education in his hometown of Scarsdale, N.Y. Although in his mid-teens at the outbreak of the Revolution, he served throughout most of the war.

  • John Parker


    US Marshals Seal

    Born on Nov. 16, 1732, in Portsmouth, Parker apprenticed as a merchant. John Parker served as Sheriff of Rockingham County, N.H., from 1771 until his appointment as Marshal in September 1789.

  • William Peck


    US Marshals Seal on a graveyard

    William Peck was born on December 15, 1755, in Lyme, Conn. Twenty years later he graduated from Yale. Immediately after, he joined the Continental Army as a First Lieutenant and Adjutant of the Seventeenth Regiment.

  • Nathanial Ramsay


    Nathanial Ramsay

    A monument on the battleground at Monmouth Courthouse, New Jersey, commemorates the part that Lieutenant Colonel Nathanial Ramsay played in ensuring an American victory.

  • John Skinner


    US Marshals Seal
    John Skinner was born on October 7, 1760, in Perquimans County, N.C. During the Revolutionary War, he served in the North Carolina Continental Line. In 1784, Skinner won election to the North Carolina Senate.

  • William S. Smith


    William Smith
    The First Marshal of New York William S. Smith's biographer described him as "the pattern of the eighteenth century gentleman, handsome, brave, urbane, and equally at ease at camp or court."

  • Ward Hill Lamon


    Ward Hill Lamon
    Abraham Lincoln, soon to be inaugurated President of the collapsing Union, arrived unannounced in Washington, D.C., early on the morning of February 23. 1861, nine days before his March 4 inauguration.

  • Clarence Al Butler


    U.S. Marshal Clarence Al Butler
    Al was born in Washington, D.C., July 20, 1929, and grew up in Prince George's County, Maryland. After service in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Prince George's County Police, and Maryland State Police, he joined the U.S. Marshals in February 1958.

  • Charles Dudley


    Photo of US Marshals Seal
    Mr. Dudley was born July 19, 1966, in Blairsville, Georgia, son of Charles and Larkin Dudley. A beloved son, father, and brother, Mr. Dudley grew up in Athens, Georgia and Blacksburg, Virginia with one sister, Drenan Dudley.

  • Eduardo Gonzalez


    Photo of US Marshals Seal
    From November 1993 until June 1999, Eduardo Gonzalez served as Director of the U.S. Marshals Service. His Florida roots stoked his interest in law enforcement, and in particular, community policing.

  • Marvin Lutes


    Photo of US Marshals Seal
    Born in New Eagle, Pa., he served his country in the U.S. Air Force in the Vietnam War from 1966-70, later joining the Marshals Service in 1975. Lutes passed away from complications related to heart disease Jan. 19, 2012, at the age of 63.

  • Donald Washington


    Donald W. Washington
    Donald W. Washington was nominated by President Donald J. Trump to lead the United States Marshals Service (USMS) on Oct 2, 2018. The United States Senate confirmed his nomination on March 14, 2019.

  • Ronald L. Davis


    Director Ronald DavisThe Honorable Ronald L. Davis was nominated by President Joseph R. Biden to lead the United States Marshals Service on April 12, 2021. The United States Senate confirmed his nomination on September 22, 2021, and Mr. Davis was sworn in as the 12th Director of the Marshals Service on September 27, 2021.